Our Story

Keira, aged about 14 weeks.
She’s so small!

Keira aged 14 weeks

In June 2017 our family of 4 became a family of 5. We bought a 12-week old tri-colour border collie puppy, our first ever dog, and we named her Keira.

Obviously one of the biggest changes we’ve made to our way of life is the morning and evening walks she needs. Very quickly we realised that she was very vulnerable around traffic. Not because she isn’t well-behaved, as she generally is, but just simply that car drivers struggle to see her. It especially doesn’t help that she’s mostly black in colour, but this still applies to all dogs irregardless of colour and breed.

Then, one evening whilst out walking with Keira, we bumped into a couple with 2 dogs and it was impossible not to immediately be impressed with the LightHound’s the dogs were wearing. Of course, when we get back home we Googled LightHound and were surprised to see that there was no-one in the UK selling the LightHound and it’s sister product the Tracer360.

The rest, as they say, is history!

We hope that you are as impressed as we were with both products and that they bring you years of safer dog-walking and sporting activities in the dark.

Robin & Kathy Miller